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The Definitive Guide To Setting Your Industrial Marketing Budget

Tired of hearing that marketing is an expense? Learn how to create a B2B marketing budget and show a clear return on investment (ROI) for your marketing program.

Using the definitive marketing budget planning process outlined in this free eBook, you’ll be able to show your coworkers how marketing drives new business and why an appropriate marketing budget is crucial for maximizing your company’s revenue and profits.

Inside you’ll find two respected approaches for calculating B2B marketing budgets:

  1. as a percentage of sales OR
  2. based on sales goals

Not all marketing budgets are created equal, though, which is why the definitive guide also includes a marketing budget template , which you can use to calculate budgets for each major marketing channel, including your:

  • SEO marketing spend
  • Website development costs
  • Email marketing budget

Download your free marketing budget eBook today so you can create a marketing budget plan that will help you secure the funds you need to succeed!

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Show your CFO that marketing is an investment – not an expense

This marketing budget guide includes helpful information such as:

Illustration of a businessman presenting a pie chart of a marketing budget

Marketing Budget Trends

See where your peers are successfully putting their marketing dollars so you can better compete.

Illustration of a businessman excitedly throwing money

Tips for Setting Goals

Base your marketing budget on existing sales figures and a projected return on investment.

Illustration of a businessman working on his marketing budget on a laptop

Budgeting Resources

Use the long list of links and statistics to make informed decisions about your marketing spend.